Update #2 - The World

In a World....

Everstar is set in a unique fantasy world where monsters are rumored to stalk the nights while nations clash with steel and thunder and the fate of the known world depends on a few students and their teachers.

Most of our game happens in the Morningstar Academus, a school where students learn how to do battle with weapons mundane and magical.

The school’s royal charter is to educate the best and the brightest to a new standard of military-oriented excellence. Children from families of means low and high are recruited based on academic or physical potential and trained by the finest scholars and military minds in the nation. One major difference between the Academus and other schools in that it allows children to pursue the martial studies according to their interests.

The pinnacle of all this training is the Sparcross Games, the most celebrated events of the school. These games are sports events where student teams battle each other, competing to win the Tourney Cup.

Battle on the 'Winter Has Come' Geoform

All the students in Morningstar are required to compete in the Games as a part of their studies, and all citizens of Avallia are invited to watch the children compete. It’s become incredibly popular - the fantasy equivalent of Texas High school football!

Fighting in this way isn't a big deal because the priests in this Kingdom have real healing powers. They get the powers from something called the ‘Cendant’ which other nations don’t have.

The Avallian Kingdom’s use of the Cendant has made them unstoppable on the battlefield - but that is a story for another time!

The Sparcross Games

Every day the class-teams of Morningstar take to the fields of the Sparcross Colosseum to fight for glory on the road to the Tourney Cup. Typically 6 on 6, the rules of the game can change from battle to battle, such as: last-man-standing, capture the banner, drop the captain, and even three and four team free-for-alls.

 Not only that but each day the very grounds of the Colosseum are magically altered through ‘geoforming.’ Here is a preview of some geoform configurations:
The Nameless Pit
Sandy Shore
Immortal Falls
Withered Atoll
The Blasted Fissure
Avallian Grove

Thank You!

 We hope you’ve enjoyed this preview of the Everstar setting! Thanks again for your continued support, and please help us spread the word about the Everstar campaign if you can – with your help we can pull it off!